Using gaming and AI technologies to turn pixels into knowledge.

Telescopic OS

TelOS is a powerful visual collaboration platform. It transforms visual communications (e.g. whiteboarding, presentations) into a searchable and navigable knowledge world. Furthermore, TelOS is AR/VR, blockchain and even IoT-ready.


Create “diagrams” (we call them views) of any size, from desktop to whiteboard to cathedral to planetary. Create diagrams within diagrams, infinitely.



See anywhere in the entire knowledge world using search and then “teleport” to any diagram or part of a diagram. Query by location, topic or participant.


Every element in a TelOS diagram is a “smart agent” (Oracle). TelOS diagrams can communicate, with themselves, others and even with IoT devices.


Natural Language

TelOS is designed from the ground-up to enable natural language understanding (NLU), especially to help users draw what they think.


Unlike most visual products (e.g. whiteboards or Powerpoint) TelOS models diagrams as knowledge rather than just a set of pixels on a page.



Using the concept of Oracles, diagrams in a TelOS-powered knowledge world can continually update themselves or even perform tasks.

CogniDraw RENDERING Engine

Our design research showed that the biggest frustration with whiteboarding is figuring out what to draw. When thinking of concepts like: slow growth, margin, demotivated, or commission, a typical user isn’t sure what to draw.

We used AI to generate the world’s most expressive visual library capable of understanding metaphorical and abstract concepts, even if never seen before. We call this CogniDraw rendering engine.

e-whiteboard demo of glyphs dataset

  • Translates any business term or phrase into highly expressive visual metaphors for drawing.
  • Applications include: interactive whiteboarding, brainstorming, drawing and visual communication.
  • Underlying search engine handles abstract concepts from business vernacular, like: “regulation”, “advice”, “growth hacking”, “analytics” and “profit”.
  • Dataset uses AI to continually learn new business phrases and improve accuracy.
  • On-demand expert creative curation constantly augments the visual library.
  • Accessible via scalable APIs atop of a powerful search engine with AI self-learning.

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